Make the Most of Your Space with Corner Curio Cabinet

Have some great collectables you want to display but are not sure you have the space for standard curio cabinet? Try a corner curio cabinet instead. Corner curios have a triangular footprint that can be wedged into a corner to optimize space. This makes them ideal for smaller spaces such as in kitchens, dining rooms or in small apartment living rooms. Corner curios offer many of the same great benefits of standard curios such as mirrored backs, adjustable shelving, interior lighting and floor levelers. They also come in a variety of styles to accent you’re home’s individual decor


Corner curios can have rounded fronts, flat front or polygonal fronts with with side windows for a more traditional look.

The space saving benefits of a corner footprint are not just limited to standard display cabinets. Classic china cabinets with bottom drawers and/or doors are also available as corner units.

Even if space is not an issue, corner curios are a wonderful way to dress up bare corners in your space and create a more cozy feel. Come see our selection of corner curios and china cabinets at




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The Hidden Highlights of Your Favorite Cabinet Systems

The benefits of owning a piece of furniture like a dining room china cabinet or a or living room curio system can be pretty evident. I most cases you get a beautiful storage system that not only stores all of your precious items and valuable, but you also create a cherished space, one where you can display your collections proudly and easily access your most prized possessions when it is time to show off.

Sometimes the real benefits of these fine storage system can often be lost to the naked eye. Under the heavy moldings and intricacies placed within the beautiful layouts of such cabinets are many finely detailed niceties that can not only increase appeal, but add conveniences that are sure to help you make the most of your space.

  •  Felt Lining is included on many china cabinets and occasionally on larger curio cabinets. This feature helps to keep smaller items like silverware and hardware from getting lost in the shuffle of a large drawer and can often time protect those valuable possessions.
  • Dovetail Drawers are a type of construction that joints to drawer sides in a an incredibly sound method to provide a greater means of support for heavier items.
  • Mirrored Back Walls can fully display all sides of the items inside of a cabinet. This feature often works in conjunction with glass shelving and glass cabinet sides to increase visibility.
  • Interior lighting Mechanisms may be the best system to literally highlight collections with can or bulb lighting that operates with a pill string or interior switch.

The real trick to getting the most bang for your buck is to do your research. Do your homework on the pieces that appeal to you most and see what niceties you may want in a cabinet system by perusing listed highlights and reading into the description of said pieces.


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Choosing the Right Curio for Your Home

Today’s China cabinets and curio cabinets come in a plethora of styles.

Some cabinet system are meant to bring the flavor of the old world to dress your traditional style of home. These system display your valuables in a system that looks like an heirloom, often with intricate details and hand carved elements themselves. They can range from a timeless and compact corner curio to an all encompassing China cabinet equipped with full mirror backs to make dishware shine and felt lined drawers for precious silverware. These pieces tend to dress your dining room collections with antique appeal and are available in classic shades wood finishes.

The contemporary cabinet styles of today bring a new flavor to your home scene and may not be limited to kitchen and dining room uses. Full metal crafted pieces deliver a sleek look to any household collection while many other shades of modern curio cabinets stand out in eve the most diverse of room themes. Plenty of today’s more modern systems also bring a slew of features that can benefit your collection through technology. It’s not uncommon to find a cabinet that utilizes can lighting system and available with customizable options to match the needs of today’s modern homes.

The best way way find achieve the perfect look in your home is to gather an idea of your storage needs ans access the look that that you hope attain from your new addition. Remember that these stunning cabinet systems are no longer limited to the dining experience but instead can highlight valuable and deliver unmatched flair into all facets of the home.

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Modern and Contemporary Curio Cabinets: A Sophisticated Way to Display Collectables

The term “curio cabinet” usually conjures up images of very ornate and traditional cabinets. While that style of cabinet is flattering to homes with traditional or classic decor, they can look out of place in homes decorated with a more modern aesthetic. Luckily, there is a wide selection of modern and contemporary curio and display cabinets to choose from.

If unsure what to cabinet to display, you cannot go wrong with a simple rectangular design such as that of the Howard Miller Bradington II 680-396 Curio Cabinet:

If you would like something more striking that can serve as a display piece on its own,  the bold flared design of the Bellini Cortina Curio Cabinet is sure to be a focal point in your home:

If you are looking for the space-saving benefits of a corner curio cabinet in a contemporary design, be sure to take note of the Chintally 6617 Corner Curio Cabinet:

These are just a sample of the beautiful modern and contemporary curio designs that Curio Cabinet Spot has to offer, as well as a wide range of other styles to fit any home decor.

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Build a Better Dining Area with a China Cabinet

What is the one room where gathering and conversation can meet with good food, great wine and perhaps the very best of your family moments?

I will give you a hint, It’s not in front of a television.

If you guessed the dining room you would be 100 percent correct. As America has grown we have found our kitchens and dining areas bigger. As it turns out, our families members tend to move out, move on and look to start families of their own. This is why coming together and gathering over a birthday or holiday meal is so important to us.

From having the means to accommodate everything from an intimate dinner for two to the ensuring that everyone around a Thanksgiving turkey has an elegant place setting, you can easily prepare your gatherings by furnishing your space with a china cabinet. These tremendous systems not only bring convenience to your gatherings but can add a wonderful attention grabbing piece to your dining room or kitchen ensemble. A traditional cabinet design like the San Mateo China Cabinet brings about a sense of timeless elegance that can infuse you space while storing your valuables.



A more transitional piece can bring also bring attention may may suite a more modern style of home and can bring contemporary features to benefit your storage needs. The Howard Miller Molly PS007G China Cabinet from the Ty Pennington Collection for example would make a great addition to a room with a soft casual style while bringing features like wine bottle racks and wine glass racks  to please any aficionado.


With so many styles and layouts available in the dining room cabinet, you can keep your collectables on display and always available while bringing style and flair to any type of room theme.




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